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Artificial intelligence, conceptual computer artwork. Human hand (right) touching fingers with a robot's hand (left), mimicking Michelangelo's painting The Creation of Adam (in the Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy) where two pointing hands meeting signify the biblical story of the creation of Adam by God. This image could symbolise humans creating robots.

Welcome to Computer Ethics Education Center!

The Computer Ethics Education Center offers materials and resources to teach undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science and related disciplines about the social, ethical, and legal implications of computer technologies.

The materials on this website have been contributed by instructors and teaching assistants of the CS195 course (Social Implications of Computer Technology) offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at the University of California, Berkeley. To find out more information about CS195, please visit:

How to navigate this website?

The Syllabus page presents a sample syllabus that you can integrate into the design of your computer ethics class or discussion. You are free to use the same syllabus or modify it to better suit your teaching needs.

The navigation lists available modules and submodules, each focusing on a specific social, ethical, or legal impact of computer technologies. Each submodule explores a specific topic of the course module and includes pre-sessions readings, discussion questions, and post-session resources that assist in delivering the selected session.

Available Modules and Submodules

In addition to the reading response assignments, located on the individual submodule pages, you can find larger, project-based assignments:

Available Assignments

Comments or ideas?

We are always happy to hear your feedback! Please reach out to us at computer-ethics[at] with suggestions and questions.

Licensing and Attribution

The image on the top of this page is a rights-managed image, requiring a license to be reused. You can obtain a license for this image at the Science Photo Library.

The remainder of this repository is licensed under the MIT License. You are free to reuse and extend upon the code and materials in this repository, as long as you include the original copy of the copyright and license notices. Learn more about the MIT License at

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